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Ultimate Beer Chill Tubes

Ultimate Beer Chill Tubes

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"Introducing the Ultimate Beer Chill Tubes! Ever dreamt of savoring every drop of your beer at the perfect temperature? Now you can! Just freeze these awesome tubes, pop them into your favorite brew, and voilà – ice-cold refreshment from start to finish. Say goodbye to lukewarm disappointments and hello to the pinnacle of beer enjoyment!"


Key Attributes:

Pure Chill, Zero Dilution: Fashioned with premium stainless steel and infused with cutting-edge cooling prowess, these tubes promise every gulp as cold as the first. Relish the authentic taste of your beer minus the dilution dread. Perfectly tailored for your uncles, sons, or anyone in between, they snugly fit most standard long-neck beer bottles (a minimum of 8.2 inches tall) and some fizzy drink bottles too.

Versatile & Perfect for All Occasions: From sunlit picnics and campfires to cozy family get-togethers, these chill tubes are your passport to instant cooling. Cherish that perfectly chilled drink moment with friends, supervisors, and peers, anytime, everywhere. It's time to bid goodbye to lukewarm brews and uplift your sipping sessions.


User-Friendly & Long-lasting: Begin by popping the tubes in the freezer for a brief 45+ minutes. Slide one into your bottle and sip directly through the tube of chill. When you’re done, a quick rinse and it's ready for its next cooling mission. These inventive bar essentials are a breeze to maintain and pledge numerous icy escapades for years.



Shade: Metallic

Constitution: Premium Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 215 x 35 mm

Package Incorporates:

2 * Ultimate Beer Chill Tubes

Elevate your beer moments with our Ultimate Beer Chill Tubes. An impeccable token for those who relish a chilled brew without any dilution fuss. A gentle reminder: the package contains only the listed items above.

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